Beginning Graphics Mini-Lesson

Dr.Scheme Programming Environment

This is a 3-4 class project which has been used for Technology Applications and Computer Power students. (7th - 8th graders in Texas). It can be applied to many different disciplines by changing the content/requirement for product drawn.


6          Day 1:

        Draw image on grid paper using only circles, disks, rectangles and lines.

        Drawing examples

        You must have a minimum of 15 objects in your design.

        Explore 4 draw commands in DrScheme Environment.

     Example: Explore draw commands.scm


6          Day 2:

        Translate the image to DrScheme code using the X and Y coordinates on the grid.

     Example: Wagon in Excel

        Write code on your grid paper

        Reference sheet

    Get teacher approval on code written

        Type the code into DrScheme

     Example: Wagon_code.scm

        Execute code


6          Day 3:

        Debug code and correct coordinates so that code creates the same design as was created on the grid paper.

        Compare DrScheme graphic with grid graphic to see if all objects are in the correct position on canvas.

        Revise DrScheme code as necessary


6          Day 4:

        When 1st project is complete

        Execute code and use Alt+PrtSc to capture your canvas

        paste into Microsoft Paint

        Save as

6          You may enhance your original design by

        adding color background,


        or additional objects

        or begin an additional graphic design


This Dr.Scheme programming environment is available for free online at along with the text book. Training for use of Dr.Scheme and the htdp curriculum was funded and provided by The TeachScheme! Project.

Additional support for the authors work has been received via a Fund for Teachers grant (description) and a Houston A+ Challenge Teacher as Researcher (TAR) grant.