Design a Dream Room
Using Standard
Many students dream of designing their ideal bedroom or game room.  In this exercise, students will be required to limit the size as a specific volume. They must design the floor plan, including furniture placement, using Inspiration, PowerPoint or Cad Standard Lite. There are required to select the following: floor covering, paint for walls and ceiling and an air-conditioning and heating unit appropriate for the room's volume.  Students use the Web to research these items and enter the values they find into a spreadsheet, maintaining a running total of expenditures. They present their rooms to the class using multimedia software.
  1. Measure and calculate the area of the computer lab or classroom using a yard stick or tape measure (i.e. square fteet).
  2. Decide on the size of your dream room.
  3. Based on your knowledge of measurement, use an Excel spreadsheet to record dimensions of your dream room and create formulas to calculate surface area of ceiling, walls and floor. Calculate the volume of the room. The volume must be between 2000 and 10,080 cubic feet. (e.g. length x width x height = ? cubic feet).  Use that information to shop for ac/heater. OPEN THIS FILE TO BEGIN
  4. Save to filename: room_design_calculations_lastname.xls
  5. Use the Resource Links to shop for: the paint, wallpaper, floor covering, items to furnish your room, and air conditioning/heating unit appropriate for the room's volume.
  6. Record the details of materials in your room_design_calculations_lastname.xls file
  7. Add image of product, enter price, calculate quantity needed based on quantity sold, and calculate total cost of materials.
  8. Create a second spreadsheet with filename: shopping_list_lastname.xls. The column titles are: item description, dimensions, unit price, quantity, total price, picture, floor plan item# and URL. Convert measurements to metric or standard as needed. Measurements are used to scale furnishings accurately for the floor plan. OPEN THIS FILE
  9. Use the Resource Links to shop for furniture and other necessary items such as: bedding, pillows, mattress, furniture, electronics, chairs, desk etc. Type the details into the shopping file.
  10. Use Cad Standard Lite (a free software download) to draw your floor plan to scale. Add correctly scaled symbols to represent the furnishings.
  11. Student present their project via a Gallery Walk format,
  12. i.e. Set up 4-6 display computers/areas and have small groups of students rotate through each exhibit.
  13. Presentation should include the Excel files and screen capture or jpg image of the CadStandard lite floor plan.
  14. Optional: Student will create a visual presentation of their dream room using one of these programs: Inspiration, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, webpage

            Examples and Resources   Calculations          Floor Plan
Shopping List       Mattress Size

Area Calculation
Floor covering
How to calculate Heat pump size required.
"In layman's terms 1 ton of cooling capacity is equal to 12,000BTU of cooling capacity and 600 square feet of residential living space requires 1 ton of cooling capacity based on adequate insulation, 8' ceiling height and tight windows and doors. "
"To calculate your requirement using this method get the total square footage of living space and divide that number by 600. The answer is the number in tons of air conditioning capacity required."
"To convert tonnage to BTU's simply multiply by 12,000." "Anyone wishing to use this material can distribute it freely without change. Copyright 1999 Cristal Enterprises"
Ability to measure metric lengths (expressed in meters and decimals, e.g. 5.25 meters)
Ability to calculate area and volumes in square meters and cubic meters
Ability to calculate percentages
Ability to multiply accurately and add decimal values
Ability to create floor plans to scale
Ability to communicate plans using multimedia
Ability to communicate plans in writing using a word processor


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Ability to communicate plans in writing using a word processor

Ability to select an appropriate air conditioner based on room volume